PTB Django Cookiecutter

PTB Django Cookiecutter

A simple cookiecutter to create Python Telegram bots, wrapped with Django.

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Install the latest Cookiecutter if you haven't installed it yet:

pip install -U cookiecutter

Create your bot using this cookiecutter:

cookiecutter gh:lugodev/ptb-django-cookiecutter

This will clone the cookiecutter and launch a wizard to help you customize your new bot.


Bot engine folder structure

Once you have generated your new bot, you will get this folders structure:

Install your bot dependencies

You have two primary options to install de bot Python dependencies: pip or Poetry. You can also use pipenv, virtualenvwrapper or another package managers. We recommend Poetry.

  1. Install dependencies using Poetry:

    curl -sSL | python - cd src/bot poetry install

Tip (optional): Create these aliases on on your .bashrc or .zshrc, like this

alias poetry="python3 -m poetry"
alias django="poetry run ./"
alias djr="django runserver"
alias djm="django makemigrations && django migrate"
alias djmr="djm && djr"
  1. Or install your dependencies using pip.

    pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Initialize your bot environment variables

Place your env vars to the .env file (never push this file to the repo):

SECRET_KEY=your django random secret key
TELEGRAM_TOKEN=your bot token

Start the bot

Start the bot (using the previously suggested alias, optional):

django runbot

Or using Poetry:

python3 -m poetry run ./ runbot

Or using Python:

python3 runbot

Deploy your bot

Clone your repo to the server, and create this folder structure:

Create and fill the ./codebase/.env file with the environment vars.

Then, deploy, using docker-compose:

cd codebase
docker-compose up --build -d

Bots created with this cookiecutter

None yet. Want to be the first? Submit your bot if it's open source.

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